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Waste Water Treatment System

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Waste Water Treatment System

Waste Water Treatment System

CAG Engineering, now part of Myanmar scientists and engineers have designed wastewater treatment facilities ranging from few thousand gallons per day to more than 9,000 gallons per day. Our experience encompasses sewer collection systems, advanced wastewater treatment facilities, residuals management and handling, odor control and air pollution and water reuse. We have significant expertise in all facets of wastewater liquid stream treatment ranging from conventional plants for organic removals to complex nutrient removal / resource recovery processes covering scopes from compliance evaluations to turnkey delivery of completely operational facilities. We have also performed numerous industrial wastewater treatment plant design upgrades to meet recent municipal and Myanmar environment department requirements.

Nature of Wastewater

  • The water or liquid carried waste from an industrial process
  • These wastes may result from any process or activity of industry, manufacture, trade or business, from the development of any natural resource, or from animal operations such as feedlots, poultry houses, or dairies
  • The term includes contaminated storm water and leachate from solid waste facilities
  • Waste material (solid, gas or liquid) generated by a commercial, industrial or nonresidential activity
  • CAG Engineering provides a complete range of solutions and services for treating industrial and Domestic wastewater to meet process needs as well as environmental regulations.
  • Our products include filtration, clarifying systems, biological treatment, dewatering, disinfection, ion exchange, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, Ozonation and other technologies for removing impurities from water.
  • We also provide customers with the engineering and knowhow that helps them choose the right approach, and support our solutions through Myanmar’s Industrial service network.

Pretreatment Program Implementation

Types of pretreatment include:

  • pH neutralization
  • Temp regulations
  • Solids separation
  • Toxic metal removal
  • Reducing of BOD/ COD
  • Oil and grease
  • Reducing of Colour
  • Removing Odor

Average Values for BOD5, COD and TSS in IWWs

Parameter Industrial Wastewater Urban Wastewater YCDC Standard
pH 8-12 8-9 6-9
BOD 500-20,000 10-130 50
COD 4,000-20000 50-500 250
TSS 2,000-4,000 90-500 50

Referring to these parameters, and by considering their usual concentrations in the influents to municipal WWTPs, it can be observed that in IWWs BOD5, COD and SS keep 8–9 times higher than in UWWs

Industries We Serve

  • Chemical Processing
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Hydrocarbon Processing
  • Textile Industry
  • Metal & Mining
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Leather tanning finishing
  • Pulp/paper mills
  • Microelectronics
  • Health Care /Hospital
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Power Plant
  • Oil refineries

CAG’s best strategies in managing Industrial Waste Waters?

Physical / Chemical treatment

  • A coagulation-flocculation process was generally to remove oil and grease. Followed by settling
  • Adsorption by activated carbons has great potential for the removal of trace emerging contaminants

Biological treatment

  • Activated sludge processes
  • Membrane biological reactors (MBR)

Thermal treatment

  • Evaporating Process

Reverse Osmosis treatment

Ozone and advanced oxidation treatment

To preserve the better environment in Myanmar Please contact or consult with CAG for your business and neighbourhood.We are right here to give our quality service for you.

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Discuss Your Requirments
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