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Industrial Chemical Supply

Industrial Chemical Supply

CAG Engineering Co., Ltd. is one of the leading chemical distributor providing business-to-business solutions for users of industrial and specialty chemicals in Myanmar. Having more than 25 years of overseas experiences, we have sourced raw materials from chemical suppliers around the world and marketed them to manufacturers serving key industrial and consumer marketplaces, including agriculture, surface technology, home & personal care, cosmetic, electronic, food processing, oil refinery, pharmaceutical, pulp& paper, rubber glove, paint & coating, printing ink. We are a full-service chemical distributor partner helping our customers meet manufacturing and distribution requirements at all levels of the supply chain.

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Various Types of Services We Offer

1. Basic Chemical

Having more than 25 years of experiences, we are Myanmar’s one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable companies in the chemical distribution industry. Our proactive culture, network, strong sales experience, technical competence, and extensive customer care makes us a strategic business partner.


We are the number one of Nitrc acid importer in Myanmar. We are able to produce Nitric acid in various concentrations, 30%, 68% and 70%. Moreover, we are also specialized in the storage and transport with the highest safety standards.


We supply IPA which is used as a solvent for coating or processes in industry

2. Water Management Chemical

Corrosion Inhibitors

Products are fed in feed water of boiler to eliminate oxygen in water for prevention of corrosion. The products will build magnetite film to cover metal surface for protection of corrosion problem.

Scale Inhibitors

Products are fed in feed water of boiler to inhibit, prevent growth of scale and modify structure of scale from hard scale to sludge (Crystal modification). Then sludge can be removed by blow down.


Our biocides are non-oxidizing agent fed in water of cooling, evaporator and chiller to kill and inhibit the growth of microorganism such as bacteria, algae, slime. It can prevent blockage problem in water pipe and heat exchanger.


  • Use in combination with coagulant to eliminate suspended solid in raw water
  • Sludge dewatering in dewatering system
  • Reduce and remove color in waste water


Eliminate suspended solid and color in raw water, potable water system and waste water treatment

Resin & Media

Exchange Resin is intended for use in all water softening , dealkalization , deionzation and chemical processing application and media for clarifier , sand filter , activated carbon filter , multimedia filter.


The defoamer is a chemical used to control the air bubble or foam which do not affect the production process in various industries such as pulp & paper, coating, fiber cement, fermentation, waste water treatment etc.

3. Food & Beverage

We provide ingredients and services to customers across a wide section of the Food Industry. We provide specialty nutritional and functional ingredients which can be used to enrich and extend the integrity of many edible items in a variety of end use applications. We offer much more than products, we offer solutions.

4. Surface Technology

We provide and supply specialty chemicals for surface finishing to meet the stringent requirements of the Automotive Industry and the style of luxury goods such as handbags, jewelry, watches and much more. Our customers include both captive surface treatment and job shop platers that capitalize on innovative technology, responsive service and numerous OEM product approvals.

Specialty chemicals for surface finishing. We can supply metals that use in electroplating application such as Zinc, Nickel, Copper (OFHC and P-Copper), Chromium, Gold, Silver, Rhodium, Palladium.

5. Coating

We source high quality raw materials for coatings from around the world. We offer an extensive portfolio of specialty materials from market leading suppliers which provide solutions to support the development of all types of formulations ranging from decorative finishes to heavy duty protective paints and coatings.


  • Defoamer
  • Rheology Modifier
  • Matting Agnet


  • TiO2
  • Inorganic Pigment
  • Organic Pigment
  • Aluminium Paste

6. Personal Care & Cosmetic

We offer a broad range of high quality ingredients to the various sectors of the Personal Care and Cosmetic industries. Our strong relationships with supply partners enable us to provide competitive products and services including technical and formulation support. Our in-house Laboratory Team can provide advice and assistance, and our Technical Sales and Marketing Team has the knowledge and experience to help our customers resolve complicated matter which often arise in product applications.

Discuss Your Requirments with Our Professional Team

Discuss Your Requirments
with Our Professional Team