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Intrusion Detection System

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Intrusion Detection System

Intrusion Detection System

CAG’s Secure Fence is the ultimate fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection and location system, with proven reliability confirmed over 15 years of operation, including use in many of the world’s harshest environments.

Fiber optic sensors can be mounted on the fence to detect climbing or cutting, or buried along the fence to detect digging.

The simple installation, reliability and maintenance free operation delivers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of any long perimeter solution in the market.

With CAG’s Secure Fence™ system, you can detect and locate intrusions on perimeters and borders that were, until now, always thought to be too expensive to protect.

The low cost fiber optic sensor cable is easily attached to the fence, pinpointing the location of fence climbing, lifting or cutting to within 10 meters (30 feet) to 25 meters (80 feet) or better for fences of up to 80km (50 miles) in length.

CAG’s industry leading advanced signal processing minimizes nuisance alarms, without compromising intrusion detection sensitivity

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How it's work

Simple to install and operate, the CAG Secure Fence system delivers truly outstanding levels of detection and location combined with one of the lowest Nuisance Alarm Rates available. It is maintenance free; operating easily and reliably under a wide range of operational and environmental conditions—day after day, year after year. Secure Fence controllers are connected to fiber optic cables that are mounted on fences and gates to detect climbing, cutting or lifting, or buried along fence-lines to detect digging.

Each controller transmits laser light down fiber optic sensing cable and then monitors and analyses disturbances in returning light to detect the nature and location of intrusion alarms. At the heart of the system is the intelligence built into the CAG Secure Fence controller. The controller uses advanced signal processing techniques in parallel with intrusion detection to identify and ignore environmental and other unwanted nuisance alarms.

From intrusion to detection to location

Connecting Secure Fence to CAG CAMS™ enables the location of intrusion alarms to be displayed on an intuitive map-based user interface. CAG CAMS can also be used to interface CAG Secure Fence to security cameras, lighting, mobile devices, emails, text messages and more than 40 different security management systems and other security devices.

Intrusion detection, location and focused responses

Fence Mounted Intrusion Detection

Sensor : Fiber Optic Cable attached to the Fence

Detecting climbing (fence and ladder)
Detecting cutting and lifting
Activating lighting and directing cameras

Powerful Technology But as simple as a cable on a fence

Rapidly installed (zip tie cable to fence)

Reliably detects intruders even in extreme weather conditions

Papua New Guinea: Confidently detecting intruders in torrential rain
(100mm / 4 inches of rain per hour )

Integration Detection with Response

CAG’s Central Alarms Monitoring System

Connects to location map displays, perimeter lighting and cameras for rapid action

Integrates to > 40 security, video and access control management systems


Industry leading intrusion location - with 1500 measurement points/km


Intrusion location to within +/- 6m

System redundancy with cut resilience

18km to 40km maximum cable length

Fence Perimeters

Ultra-high security applications

Buried Perimeters/Pipeline

Detects walking/crawling, digging, tapping and interference


Detects and pinpoints cable sheath cutting and movement

Uses only a single fibre inside the data cable

Military sites and intelligence agencies

Correction facilities

Oil and gas, high risk sites


Cost Effective Intrusion Location


Microstrain Technology

Secure Fence has pinpoint intrusion location

Secure Fence 408 has hardware zones

Long distance capabilities

Insensitive lead-in cable

Fence Perimeters

Detects and pinpoints cable sheath cutting and movement

Uses only a single fibre inside the data cable


Cost Effective Intrusion Location


Zone detection, two zones per controller

1.6km maximum cable length per zone

10km maximum lead-in (insensitive) cable

Fence Perimeters

Ideal for gates and shorter fences

Buried Perimeters And Pipeline

Detects digging close to the panel

Protects valve and pump station perimeters


Detects cable sheath cutting and movement within a zone

Applied inside buildings and between adjacent facilities

Small sites including substations, towers

Small sites including substations, towers

Gates and networks inside buildings

Value Proposition – CAG Secure Fence delivers outstanding price and performance benefits.

Technology – CAG’s R&D and product development programs ensure you always have the very latest and most powerful technology, and systems are easily updated with the latest algorithms and signatures.

The Right Products – Developed by CAG specifically for both military and industrial applications.

CAG’s State-of-the-Art Solution

What Constitute to an Ideal Surveillance Solution?

  • 24/7 and all weather Surveillance
  • Detecting small target at further range
  • Long Tracking Life
  • Low False Alarm
  • Identifying Target
  • Enforcement

With more than 1,000 intrusion detection systems located around the world, including some of the most hostile environments on the planet, CAG has the proven real-world experience to deliver highly reliable yet cost effective intrusion detection and location solutions.

CAG’s Future Fibre Technologies’ business is totally focused on the security industry.

CAG is the world leader in fiber optic intrusion detection systems and development of fiber optic sensing technologies for perimeter intrusion detection, network protection, and buried pipeline monitoring for third party interference.

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Discuss Your Requirments
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