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Building Automation System

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Building Automation System

Energy Efficiency via Building Automation System (BAS)

BAS is Computer systems that take the driver and used as a tool for building energy management system.

  1. The system can display the power meter and ambient temperature as well as the working status – turn on/ turn off the air conditioning in each of unit by working Online.
  2. Remote system - turn off air conditioning, lighting, set the Set Point of the air by computer control, timer - turn off air conditioning. And light each office.
  3. The system can record And report energy use automatically.

Our Building Automation System will be included

  • Installation of measuring and recording the energy and the temperature of each room of the building.
  • Installation of Measurement and automatic control systems for air conditioning and lighting.
  • Collect the data and reporting energy use of each party.
  • The use of technology for energy management in buildings
  • Awareness to save electricity in the organization.

CAG Building Automation System provides the highest level of interoperability at every level

Direct Energy BAS Solutions

Our solutions are designed for both specific building requirements and overall corporate standards


  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Power Quality
  • Web Based Engery Monitoring
  • Demand Response


  • Custom Design & Installation
  • Integration of Different Systems
  • Maintenance & Service
  • Remote Monitoring with Alarm & Trending

Advantages of CAG’s Building Automation Syatem



Allow Building Managers to Monitor and control one or many facilities!

System adjustment and problem resolution can be accomplished either on-site or remotely saving time & money

Decreased equipment down time due to equipment alarm notification and ability to take action from remote location

User friendly operation!

Improved Service diagnostics allow preventive measures to be taken before equipment failure

Reduced comfort complaints from tenants/ employees

Improve staff maximization and training between facilities.

Seamless integration of key facility systems and control devices

Reduce energy use.

ROI –Typically 2 to 5 years

Always thinking about next Building Automation generation!

One of the Best Building Energy Management System Controller in Thailand , Myanmar and South East Asia region.

Discuss Your Requirments with Our Professional Team

Discuss Your Requirments
with Our Professional Team