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Automatic Car Washing System

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Automatic Car Washing System

Enter a New Era of Car Wash with CAG

The Intelligent System of Machine System J-Wash has been developed by Japanese Long established technology of Car Washing Machine which is imported by CAG Engineering. Its sophisticated smart control system including touch panel, digital control, and super wax will bring you A new experience of car wash.

J-Wash is a brand which is literally going to change the way people think about car cleaning. It is a unique mechanized car cleaning concept where cars are getting pampered by the latest equipment's including high pressure cleaning machines, spray extraction machines, high powered vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and so on.

CAG Engineering team assure you that our friendly operation system of J-Wash will make for you the successful modern car wash business while saving time and manpower.

How J-Wash System Work

Brush Design

The soft touch component of the J-Wash has three brushes. Two sides and one top brush any wash cycle. The top brush will rotate one direction and then change directions as it approaches the rear of the vehicle for maximum cleaning and less potential for damage.

Soft Brush Controls

The system uses a Multi-Axis Coordinated Brush Motion Control to adjust the top and side brushes to the exact contour of every vehicle. Each brush uses an amp sensing technique to stay in constant contact with the vehicle and with just the right amount of cleaning pressure to ensure a clean vehicle.

Complete Cross Over Coverage

Counter rotating side brushes cross over the center line of every vehicle for complete coverage.

Wheel Scrub Brushes

The counter rotating scrubbing wheel brushes perform tremendously on even the dirtiest wheels. The gantry positions itself so specialized wheel cleaning brushes can gently penetrate the most intricate wheel design.

Advantages of our brushes

J-Wash's soft brushes (top and sides) are manufactured by using EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), a highly evaluated material that is known for both its durability and its capacity to wash a car gently but thoroughly while protecting the car's finish.

Key Benefits of EVA

  • Soft and extremely elastic yet tough
  • Competitive with rubber and vinyl in many electrical applications
  • Good clarity and gloss with little or no odor

Sensor brush Controlling

72 pairs of smart eye infrared sensors read and recognize the vehicle body, and based on the technology of the unique J-Wash method. J-Wash accurately adjusts the wash course to the vehicle’s shape.

Base on the vehicle body data J-Wash makes fine adjustment in the positioning of the vehicle inside the machine as well as in the up-down and left-right movement of the brushes. The technology enables J-Wash to provide the highest possible quality custom vehicle cleaning.

Digital Control Wash

J-Wash is simple to operate , but precise in function. With J-Wash system an operator can easily select the type of car to be washed along with te most effective washing course. This new style car wash is operated from a cutting edge technology touch panel similar to that of a computer or mobile phone.

  • Shampoo, Wax, 2 Way wax course
  • Wheel Wash option
  • 2way Dry Option
  • Dry Only Course
  • Under Wash Option
  • Wheel Wash
  • Under Wash ( High Pressure )
  • Dry Blower x 4

Product Advantages



Our machine advanced Japanese technology leading the domestic Technology in 15 years

Our machine is also used to promote the competitiveness of the Market and enhance car-washing shop image

Automatic car wash machine reduce wash time and avoid customer complaint

Save water and save energy.

High cost performance, the using life of machine is 15 years and the machine can wash 500 thousand cars.

Automatic car wash machine is convenient to use and one-click model is also safe, with explosion-proof, alarm, language tips, etc.

Automatic gantry car wash machine equips advanced Japanese technology to ensure lower rate of fault.

The appearance of frame and brush which colors and variety could be choose to match your desire style.

Machine Spec & Layout

Full Maintenance Support

CAG Engineering wants to assure all of its valued customers that distance is no barrier to effective, dependable after service J-WASH has Japanese ,Thai and Myanmar engineers, and trained maintenance team to support you with any machine trouble In case you need to replace any part, we can supply you any part from our service stock immediately.

Discuss Your Requirments with Our Professional Team

Discuss Your Requirments
with Our Professional Team